Festival Catering

STAFF AND CREW: Build, Show, and Strike
We are there from First day of Build, through Last day of Strike, to ensure that your production’s key staff, riggers, construction crew, and venue personnel are taken care of throughout the production. With options that can include 24 hour food and beverage options, we are the comprehensive source for your backstage catering needs.

Our experienced AR team will help take the burden off your Hospitality Rider organization by assisting or handling rider negotiations, striving to find a balance of providing excellent AR to your Talent, while working to minimize out-of-pocket expenditures by the Production. We will work with Tour Managers to reduce and combine rider elements to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.

Flexibility is key to successful operations, and we offer a wide range of F&B options for promoters to choose from. Whether you need a breakout bar and appetizers for a VIP tent, deli platters for Media Relations, or box lunches for Security and Public Safety staff, we have you covered.

Buffet meal options, customized menus for individual dressing rooms, tour bus amenities, special diet meals and more are all within reach when our talented culinary team is on site! Late night post-show food options, on-demand ordering for platters and entrees, and specialized Artist Village food are all within your production’s reach.

Let our team of expert culinarians and hospitality team create a unique and comfortable experience for your special headliners. Custom menus, full rider fulfillment, special amenities, and any other needs are available to ensure a great experience for your headliners and their production team.

Our team is experienced in the front end, too! Let us be the face of your F&B needs for VIP areas, Glamping breakfast service and late-night meals, or other guest relations needs to ensure your attendees get the same great treatment as your staff, crew, and artists receive. Additionally, our partner company Stellar Concessions offers many unique food-forward street food influenced activations for all size festivals and events.